The Power of Yes!
“Yes” is a powerful word. It’s impossible to say without a smile.
Smiling makes you look and feel great! At Yes Dental we’ve helped
thousands of patients preserve and enhance their “Yes” Smile.
Schedule a check up today and see what our Dentists can do
for your unique “Yes” Smile!
Our Team
At Yes Dental, our dentists and staff members undergo a
rigorous screening process. Our patients deserve the best care
from only the most qualified, experienced, and companionate
dental professionals. Our dentists provide patients with a
full range of dental services. Whether you need immediate
attention for a tooth ache, whitening, dental implants to replace
missing teeth, or full mouth reconstruction, we have you covered!
“Patient comfort and Pain-Free
dental care are my specialties.
You deserve a perfect
Yes Smile!”
-M. Lopez DDS